EC 256 Hambuckers size

EC 256 Hambuckers size

Hi fellas.

I'll upgrade the stock hambuckers in my EC 256, but I'm confused about which hambucker type.

So I took the measurements from E to E string and it's between 51mm and 52mm.

Should I buy Trembucker/F-Spaced? 

Does anyone who already change the pickups confirm that, please? 

Best regards


I buy F-spaced or Trembuckers for the bridge and normal spacing for the neck. Ultimately, it doesn't matter, the difference in the magnetic field is negligible. But some people get really worked up about the look.

Alan C.

Thanks for your answer.

I just saw the bridge hambucker of my guitar and the magnetic pole are not exactly in line with the strings, so I think the stock pickups are standard size.

By the way I use this guitar only for heavy music style. I'd like to install passive high gain hambuckers and I'm thinking in DiMarzio Rainmaker and Dreamcatcher picks.

If it's good for Mr. Petrucci, it'll be good for me LOL



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