EC-1000: upgraded nut for TUSQ. Original Nut blows.

Luis S.

What a difference! check out the attached picture.

Upgraded the nut for a Tusq graphite. Original nut (above the strings in the picture) was not right. It didn't feel right, and didn't look right.

There was a weird feeling on the guitar. It was too stiff (slots too tight?) , action couldn't be as low as other less expensive guitars I have, fingers hurt too much when playing the damn guitar even after switching to 9s and it kept pissing me off my 25.5 scale guitar were softer than this 24 scale guitar (and reading all the posts about how a 24 scale is softer bla bla bla), the bass strings couldn't be setup properly (had to bee too high  to avoid fretting). By looking down the neck, the strings looked way too twisted (like a twisted stairway, to the point I thought the neck was twisted until I realized it was the nut)

After the upgrade, the guitar feels better and softer. Tusq All The way!


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