LTD EC-401 Arriving Friday the 13th!

LTD EC-401 Arriving Friday the 13th!

I finally bought a 24 fret gloss black EC-401 with the EMG pickups.  I’ve always liked Les Pauls but can’t stand the ridiculous prices and the fact that most of the Les Pauls have only 22 frets.  

It’s scheduled to arrive this Friday the 13th!  I’m pretty excited.  

Just thought I’d tell somebody, lol!   I’ll send pics when it shows up.  

Kirk S.


Jim M.

It showed up as scheduled.  What a beautiful instrument!  They took everything that’s wrong with a Les Paul and corrected it.  Weak headstock?   Not on my guitar.  24 fret access, good pickups, good price.  I don’t have any buyers’ remorse.  

A few observations:

1.  There were marks on the frets that led me to believe I may have been shipped a GC floor model.

2.  There’s some kind of staining on one side of the fretboard and around the frets leading me to believe somebody got polish on there or something.

A few conclusions:

1.  The fret marks turn out to have been string corrosion that rubbed off on the frets during shipping.  It isn’t a floor model, there’s not a mark on it.

2.  I believe this guitar is brand new but it’s been in a box for at least a year - I’m thinking a few years.  That fretboard staining is whatever rosewood conditioner that the factory applied, now almost completely evaporated. 

I have no issue with the guitar being a year or two old  the neck is fine, the finish is perfect.  I should inspect the 9v battery - I sure hope it isn’t leaking….it works so that’s a good sign.

God willing, I intend to play this guitar a lot.  Will send pics soon.

Kirk S.


Jim M.

New LTD EC-401

Kirk S.

Gorgeous guitar man!


Shred it in good health!!


Sweet guitar.  Congrats.

Jim M.

Thanks, guys.  This is definitely the best guitar I’ve ever owned!


Looks great! Congrats man.

Michael L.

Great guitar. May the riff be with you !

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