Thoughts on headstock logo


What's everyone's opinion on the current logo? I was looking at an eclipse with the block font logo and thought it looked so good. I wish we could go back that one. Do you guys really like the current one more? 

Brad R.

I kind of like the early 2000s skinny letter logos.


I highly prefer the font used for the LTD Elite models. It makes LTD look alot more professional. Which is weird because I hate this font for the ESP logo (I think the ESP logo should always be block font), but LTD just looks way better in this font rather than the childish looking LTD block font logo. 


kevin s.

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Eric P.

like everyone else, wish they just used ESP on the headstocks for everything other than their LTD line. I get what they're doing though, the ESP USA is custom shop, while the EII is top of the line Japanese manufacturing. 

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