• Christopher H.

    ESP/LTD MG-750

    Just purchased this model LTD used from Guitar Center (actually it's on layaway until it clears the police hold). Any information on these models would be greatly appreciated. I am assuming since it's not a typical model (researching the archived catalogs turned up nothing) that it's a special model. I noticed that all the ones I'm finding on the internet (most are expired sales adds) are all the same color green as mine. I wonder if it is an MG (as in the British car company) limited color run. It has the nicer licensed Floyd Rose double lock system but other than that  and the unique MG green color and offset rectangle finger board inlays I don't see anything different from it than some of the older M series guitars (ESP designed pickups, ESP tunes). Please help me learn more about this guitar. I love it though, one of the best LTD guitars I've ever played.

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