MH-400B Body Binding?

Ryan V.


I recently ordered and received an LTD MH-400B. The guitar i received, SN: W19030211, does not have a body binding, but the photos of this model on the ESP site seem to have a body binding, as well as many photos on the internet.
Does anyone know if the body binding was removed/added and maybe i have an older/newer guitar?

Any thoughts or information would be very much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!


The serial number points to it being a 2019 model. No idea why it's different than the model pictured on the website. Sorry man.

Ryan V.

No worries, not the end of the world. Shooting a message to support though, just to confirm it's expected. I'll post when i hear back.

Ryan V.

Update - response from support:

Thank you for contacting ESP / Takamine Guitars Customer Service. We appreciate you reaching out to us, and apologize for the delay in response, as we had to investigate this matter further.  This instrument should include binding as shown in the stock photograph, but it seems like a few of these were made with the incorrect specifications that made it to dealers.  We apologize for the confusion.  We can exchange this instrument if you wish. 


Not sure i care enough to go through logistics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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