• jak

    ebony fretboard exp-200

    many of you seen these exp-200's with an ebony fretboard????


    mine has one its a 1999 model 


    also i see most places on the net say these ltd exp-200's have a maple neck but there is a thread on this site with a broken neck and it doesn't look like maple more like mahogany??


    I'm sure mine has the alder body anyone confirm the woods these guitars were made with



    • Pushead

      It's unlikely that you have an ebony board on your EXP. It's more likely that a previous owner dyed the rosewood board.

      I'm unsure which year they swapped from all mahogany (body and neck) to a maple neck. I think it was 2000 or 2001, when they swapped from the dots at the 12th fret to the LTD block.

      I don't think anyone has confirmed that they ever swapped to an alder body.

    • jak

      I'll have to figure out how to post pictures on this site then I'll put some up.

      its much tighter grained then any of the rosewood fretboards Iv had or looked at.
      im a carpenter by trade so handle wood a fair bit looking at it it doesn't seem to be dyed 


      maybe I got a really tight grained dark rosewood board? 

      2am ATM i'll get pic's  tomorrow 

    • jak

      did they not have a brochure or something that had these details ? lol

    • Pushead



      Both the 98 and 99 catalogs show mahogany body, maple neck, rosewood board.

      I'm not saying it's impossible that yours has ebony, I'm saying it's more likely that someone just dyed rosewood. I've done it before (not on an EXP.)

    • jak


      so looks like it is rosewood just with dark undertones. gets really dark in a room.
      just realized Iv never had this guitar out in natural sunlight before....
      the fretboard looks way darker in a room with low&high lighting than it dose with natural sunlight 
      it weighs in at 4kg or 8.8lb

      exactly the same as my esp ltd EC-1000 deluxe vintage black with het-set pickups thats all mahogany at 4kg-8.8lb


      so look's very much like it "exp-200" is a mahogany body 


      i still can't believe how good this explorer sounds frickin love it!!!........i got an old guy in my town (renowned for doing good set ups) set it up for me.  even he said he was impressed with it and liked how it sounds and he hates humbuckers with a passion 


      thanks pushed for the links to the old brochures i was hoping they were online somewhere cheers mate




    • Pushead

      Definitely rosewood, but it's a nice looking board. 8.8lbs is pretty good for an Explorer shape. I had an EXP-200 for a while before getting an MX-II. My MX-II was much heavier than the EXP-200. And played back to back, I think the LTD may have sounded a bit better to me (possibly the difference between the maple and mahogany necks.)

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