• Mike p.

    EC256 De-Mud

    Hello All,

    I’m thinking about taking some measures to slightly brighten up the pickups on my EC256. I’ve lowered the pickups, raised the polepieces, and like what I’m hearing. But, I think the bass is just a tad over-powering - and also other frequencies could used a bit more definition.

    So here’s my thought . . . I read a few threads about the de-mud mod, and it sounds like a it’s worth a try. I’m thinking about doing it to the coils NOT being used when I'm in split mode (since I love that sound). So a few questions:


    Has anyone done this successfully? 

    What cap value is best for this? I’ve read .0047uf works well.

    Where would I place this to only affect the coil added in humbucking mode? Across the non-grounding terminals at the push-pull switch for each pickup?

    Since I’d be affecting the frequency response of just one coil, would I increase hum in humbucking mode?

    Thanks for any help.

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