EC-256 Pickups, Electronics

Andy H.

Hi all, recently I acquired a Faded Cherry Sunburst model, like new, made in Vietnam 2014. Cool axe, feels great in my hands and very ergonomic.

I find the stock G&B pickups very thin, nasally, grainy and harsh sounding compared to my LP Studios (3 guitars with Duncan JB & Jazz, Screamin Demon & PAF Pro, and Skatterbrane PAF pickups). So I began swapping the pickups to find out which would improve the tone the most, but they all seem to produce a thin grainy tone in the ec256...

My next thought would be to replace the pots, wiring, caps etc. but I wonder if the wood or thin body style could come into play with the thin tone (I know, can of worms, dead horse).

Does anyone have experience with pots and/or wiring causing the funky tone? I want to love this axe but the thin, harsh tone may be a deal breaker, hopefully It's only the electronics. I'd appreciate any advise, Thanks!

Kevin B.

is the coil splitter on? or maybe it needs better capacitors? or the tone pot?

I replaced the pickups on my EC-256's and they sounds fine, Duncan's Hot rodded hums and Bill Lawrence L-500 xl, 

I have a couple wiring diagrams I made for the EC-256


Andy H.

Kevin, Thanks for the diagrams. I wired the test pickups without the coil splitting, and just tried a set of Burst Bucker Pro's with the same basic result. Hopefully the electronics is the culprit and not the tone wood, while searching I noticed a complete electronics upgrade for the 256, so I'll order it and see what happens. I'll post an update with the results.

Thanks again!

William M.

Andy, can you give us an update on the electronics upgrade you mentioned and where to find it?


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