LTD m-100 (not the FM)



I've got a LTD m-100 for some years now and I don't even know much about it. I have searched forums, websites, and the m-100FM is the only thing that comes up, almost nothing about the m-100.

Is there someone here who has this guitar or know its specs? Or at least has some info about it? Is there any difference between the m-100 and the m-100FM besides the flame top?

I think the m-100 has an alder body and the fm is agathis. Besides that I know nothing. maybe the pickups are the same (ESP LH-150?). 

Thanks in advance.


Hi. I had an M100 years back . It was one of the earliest LTD guitars and was superior quality.  If your guitar says Made in korea it is probably an early model as they were moved to China etc in later years. There isnt much on them your right but if you go to the Support tab here on this website and scrol down to catalogs you can pick it out from there. Mine ,as were all the early LTDs, made in Korea back in the late 1990s to 2000. At the time they had 3 series M,H etc. They were M 100, M 200 and M 300. They didnt have the 1000 series etc. Istill own a H200 and H300. They rival the Japan production ESPs. If you do indeed have one of the Korean M100s its an awesome guitar and worth holding onto. The stock pickups are ok but put a Duncan in it, change the tuners and you have a pro level guitar. The pots and rest of the electronics are fine as I have orinals in my H200 and they are fine. 

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