EC-1000 ASB Sting Vibration/Buzz

todd a.

I recently bought an LTD EC 1000 ASB. Great Guitar and I have been happy with it. Played Perfect out of the box. After I changed the strings for the first time there now is a very noticable vibration/buzz/tinny type of sound now, especially when playing unplugged which i do at night quite often. This is more noticable on the Low E, A and D strings. I am using the exact strings as the original guitar D'Adarrio Nikel Wound 10-46. I have tried using Enie Ball with no better results. Took the guitar back to Guitar Center to have it checked. Neck was not bowed. String Height was accurate. They advised me to do nothing. Is there anyone that has experienced an issue like this that can offer me a solution? I would deeply apreciate any advise of help.

Dave P.

I am no expert, but have same thing going on and am planning on adjusting my truss rod to add relief after I change my strings and they settle.

My bet: your buzz is more pronounced on open and 1-5 fretted strings... like mine.

My neck has virtually no relief (is too straight) and action is relatively low. Choices to help the problem - bigger strings to add tension, raise action, play lighter or add relief. Some light players get away with straight necks or live with buzz not heard through their amps - but some bow is is typically needed and I think ESP sets relief between 0.010-0.020". I think Guitar Center saying no bow is a sign of no back-bow or straight.

If your guitar was less buzzy before, and all else the same - I suspect the season change in temperature and humididity has effected the wood and adjustment is necessary to compensate. Measure your relief and I am betting you will see it is on the low side nearer 0.010" than 0.020". A quick visual is to fret the low-E at #1 and also (with right hand) the fret where the neck joins the body with your thumb - then reach as far as you can and tap the string with your pinky to see how much string moves and try to imagine which string would fit there; is it near your 0.010" high-E, 0.013 B or 0.017 G

You may be happy with it near the G string (not high-E) - where others may prefer as high as the 0.026" D or somewhere between the G and D...???

As you don't know where it was when you were happy with it, I would loosen the truss rod only an 1/8th of a turn,  tune and try it - and loosen up to another 1/8th turn if needed. I would not go more than a total 1/4 turn. Note, it can take a few days for the adjustment to settle - be patient and keep an eye on your tuning and relief measurement before loose needing more.

Dave P.

Auto-correct: not loose needing more, loosening it more.

Note: always do measurement the same way so can be compared relative one another to see the change - best guitar is in playing position (not on its back - unless that is how you play) as the weight of the strings may reduce the measurements.

les p.

Is the buzzing noticeable through an amp?  If not, don't worry about it.

If it is, there are several things you can check:

Check the neck bow again.  Make sure it's not twisted, etc.

Check for a high fret high on the neck, by using a fret rocker or piece of plastic (like a credit card) to search for any high frets.  

Check the intonation.  It sounds a little crazy since they are the same strings, but if the intonation is off, you've proven that the strings are not the exact same set.

Check that the buzzing isn't coming from the nut.

If everything else seems fine, the problem might be your playing.  If you're playing too aggressively, your picking might cause buzzing at that string height.


Dave P.

The OP is like me and plays a lot while unplugged - and the buzz kills the enjoyment.

It's a fairly new 1000, I doubt his necked warped or frets wacked, it's not his playing or action as it was fine and occurred after string change.

I am 99% sure it is a tension issue and truss rod needs adjustment.

I finally got around to fixing mine, took loosening the truss rod 3/8th a turn - still a hair buzzy if played at all hard, but I have pretty low action too. I will give a few days to settle and may back it off another 1/8th before raising action a bit or trying 9-46s (9-42 now).

interestingly, I restrung with NYXLs of same size and my Floyd dropped into a recess a bit and action went down a bit with it. Quarter turn out to loosen springs and balance and action restored.

Dave P.

...just wanted to add fo those living with buzz for super low action; you might not hear the buzz through your amp, but what you're also not hearing through your amp is the sustain you're losing.

Darrell D.

Just bought EC1000 Duncan. Havent even pluged it in yet and have this teriible buzz/twang going on on the lower register strings around 12/14 frett!!! Horrible. Im affraid to plug it in. This things going back!

Ben J.

I noticed a strange buzz on my ec-401 & couldn't figure it out...nut, saddles frets all was the pickup surround!!! it had 2 screws that weren't 100% tightened & the whole plastic pickup ring was buzzing against the body!

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