ST213 vs GL256 STRAT

ST213 vs GL256 STRAT

Hi, looking at buying either the gl256 ltd or the cheaper st213 ... these seem to be similiar in neck profile and overall components .. apart from distressing and cosmetic do they have the same necks and made in same place, I read the st213 was made in Vietnam and the gl256 in China , can anyone comment on the st213 in general about its build quality . Appreciate your advice.


thks Tony


Probable can't go wrong with either one,
I have owed several LTD VIetnam production guitars and the quality and consitancy is good enough I would buy one unseen without hesitation.
I belived the older gl256 was made in Vietnam, if you watch ebay for a while you might find a used one in good condition. The country should be stamped on the back of the headstock. Based upon my favorable experienced with the Vietnam prodution guitar I would recommend this if you wanted the gl256.
I have not owned any LTD China prodution guitars but I have played many at local shops, they are incredibly good quality for Chinese production,
not as consistant as the Vietnam ones, but very good qualtiy when compared to other well known brands manufactured in China
I remember reading somewhere that ESP oversees the production line, and material selection to ensure quality, rather than just placing outsourced orders.
This is probably why they manage to produce excelent quality guitars using budget production lines.

the gl 256 is alder and it has a humbuck in the bridge
the st213 is available in alder or ash and has three single coils

I would also plan on changing the pickups, they will be fine stock but upgrading them to dimarzio or seymour duncan or something similar
makes a huge difference,

Stephen D.

My white LTD ST-213 is my cheapest but my favourite. It's made in Vietnam but the neck profile with satin finish, the lovely natural tone, the rock solid tuning stability and overall look and feel all make it a great Strat-style guitar, especially for the price. Check out Rick Graham on YouTube. 

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