• Rami A.

    ST-213 high E too close to edge

    Am I only one who have problem with this? But I almost can't play my ST-213, 'cause

    when on upper frets(you know closer to nut) high E is so close to fret's canted edges(I think that idea to

    put canted frets when neck is quite narrow already is quite stupid...) that it slip off all the time.  If those frets would be w/out canted edges situation would be much better.

    • Pushead

      It sounds like a problem with the nut.  You should take the guitar to a technician and have them inspect it.  One of two things will happen:

      1) They'll remove your current nut and slightly move it, or2) They'll replace the nut.

      Neither option should be all that expensive.  In my area, a new nut is $35.