LTD ST-213, they any good?

Ross Mc

I played an ST-203 in my local music shop and I was amazed how nice it played. It was brighter than I like but then again if you was played through my own amp it would darken it. I know the 213s are made in vietnam though, so I'm a little iffy.

I own a japanese made ESP Horizon and obviously it's not going to be as good as it but the neck was still incredible on the 203. I just fell in love with the guitar. I was thinking considering the price, I could always upgrade the bridge/pickups/tuners, once it's fairly well made would be an amazing guitar and for not much money.

What are your own opinions on them? and if anyone owns one would be great to find out how they last in the long term.

Spencer Embley

i got one a 213 hummed bad setup on tremolo was horrible mine is in parts. buying a viper next a 300m 

Ross Mc

Thanks Spencer, I think I'll probably end up just going for an Japanese Fender instead.


Ross, it's been a year. What decision did you finally make?

Ross Mc

Since this I have actually decided to go for a Telecaster instead of a Strat. Also I've tried out the Tele version of this and it's great value for money but I compared directly with a Mexican Fender Standard and the Fender wins hands down.

I haven't bought it cause I don't have the money quite yet but I will be going for the Fender Telecaster. I love ESP/LTD, I already a ESP Horizon. Even the lower price stuff is amazing but I just want something of slightly better quality and in this case it's the Fender.

Adam M.

Just having a browse through tags and discovered this, I own an st-213, considering the price, I believe whole heartedly if you find one, buy one. New pickups, new tuners and a new trem planned for mine, but the guitar as a standard is a fantastic guitar, doubt I'll ever sell mine!

Stephen D.

Totally with you. I have a white 213 and I'll never sell it. Great strat sounds, fantastic satin thin U neck, alder body and for the money it's a bargain.

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