• Diego S.

    EC 1000 octaves issue


    Hi there, I'm new here and also new as ESP/LTD guitar player.




    I've got an EC 1000 VB recently and the first thing I did was restring it with my favorite 0.10 brand strings but I just can't get the right tone for one octave on the 5th and 6th strings



    Being more clear about what I do, I set the right tone with open  A string, when it's okay I check it on the 12th fret, sometimes it requres a slightly adjust but then I have the A string set openly and on the 12th fret, finally, I check it on the 24th fret an it is far from the right tone, I can say it is halfway from A to A#. If I set it to the right tone on 24 fret it will mess all over...same thing happens with the higher E, so all other 4 strings are ok.


    To check the tone I'm using my ears and also the eletronic tunner from my multi-processor effect.


    I've got 2 other guitars both with floyd rose and I'm used to set them by myself, but now I'm a little lost with this "fixed" bridge so I'm here.


    What can I do to fix it pals???





    • Stevie Strings

      Might be your strings... are you using a new set?

    • d. smitty

      If your strings aren't properly stretched you're going to have some issues. Also your guitar may need to be intonated correctly. Find you a guitar tech locally if you don't know how to do it. Also depending on the processor you're using the tuner may not be worth anything. Most are very good these days but again it could be an issue. You might try just a dedicated tuner. Most likely though its either new strings that need proper stretching or your guitar needs a good set up. Hope this helped some.