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    Non-Korean LTDs

    Hey all. Been playing esps since late 80s. Have a few standards and a really nice early H-200. Made in the first year or so when all models were made in Korea. The quality of the guitar is awsome. Honestly it rivals my Japan ESP Horizon. Im in the market for a new LTD MH or H model and was thinking about going with a 350 series. The problem is I live in Rhode Island which is a tiny state to begin with and to top it off  75% of the guitar players play either Gibsons or Fenders. No local music stores carry the 350 series so I cant play one. I know ESP is quality as I wouldnt have stood by them all these years but my issue is how do the lower series non Koren models compare to my early Korean c*** Headstock model. Has anyone played both? If you own a 350 series Horizon type model how do you like it? Thanks guys.

    • jt76

      You will be dissapointed in the 350's  compared to the H200,  I own 2 H200's, I have played a lot of the non koreans and they just don't measure up.   The 1000 series and the korean made artist series are comparable to the the H200's.  In my opinion the very early ltd's, the ones with serial numbers stamped in the neck are better then the 1000 series and are on par with the ltd elites.    The 350's are great guitars compared to other bands at that price point, but the h200's are a lot better.   I belive the h200's were orginally listed in the  $750 -$900 range in the mid 90's depending on the options.  Add 20 years of inflation and you would be talking about a guitar priced above $1000 today.    All that said a good setup and fret dressing the 350 can play very nice.

      hope that helps

      also I would and do buy ESP's, Ltd 1000 series and any of the first run LTD's sight unseen because the are so consistant that I know what I am going to get.

       made in china, indonesia, vietnam,  I would only buy if I can try the guitar in person,  ( from my experience trying the same model guitar 10% are not worth buying, 80% are a great value for the money, 10% play as good or better than the 1000 series and are an oustanding buy )  However, customer service while a bit slow are more than willing to fix the problem should you get one a bad one as long as you buy through a reputable dealer. 








    • 91horizon

      Hi Jt. Your information has been VERY helpful. I wholehartedly agree with the quality of the H200's. Ive tried to tell people how good of a guitar they really are. The ones that listened were not dissapointed. As I said, I have no problem putting my early H-200 against my early 90s ESP Horizon Standard. That said, I think I will take your advice and go with a 1000 series. I pretty much knew it was the reight way to go but not having played any of the newer 300 series I wanted some validation. Thanks again!

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