• Mike B.

    NGD: TE-212

    Hi All, I'm new in these parts, but thought I would take a look.

    Just bought a TE-212, so not only are ESP/LTD guitars new to me, but in 25 years of playing, I have also never owned anything that looks remotely like a Telecaster

    I got the BLK model, so none of the fancy chrome harware, its all blacker than black, but loving the look of the maple fingerboard

    Also my first ever hardtail guitar, so lots of new experiences for me here.

    Long term plan is to swap the bridge pickup out for a Duncan Little 59 or similar, and it will be used for drop tuning stuff

    I will keep you all posted. 

    Do any of you guys have experience of these? How do they compare to a MIM Fender Tele for example?

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