• Ryan H.

    Favorite pickups

    Tell us what your favorite pickup is and the reason behind your choice. 

    • Shockers

      I don't have a fave.  I have a superstrat with DiMarzios (Evo Bridge and PAF Pro neck) that I have coil tapped, series parallel that I use for song songs.

      I have a JB/ 59 in my EC 400 VF that is awesome for KISS/ AOR etc

      I have EMG 81/60 in my Ouija and HET SET in my Truckster that I use for heavier stuff.  I have ESP EMG passives in my KH Jr that I want to replace with 81/60 set.
      They can all do what the others do (except for the coil tapped DiMarzios) but they do some things better...

      I like to get different pick ups in each guitar (although the White IC I am getting has the HetSet ) That way I have a different sound with each geet - even if it is a subtle difference.

    • úlfar ú.

      my favorite is the emg 81/60 but i've never owned a pair, however i have tried over 10 guitars with the set and i love them. my second favorite is the sd blackouts AHB-1 and i have them on my ec 50

    • Marc Roca

      EMG 81/60. I wish I could try the Het Set

    • PePe

      My favorites are the EMG 81/81, 81/85 and 57/66.

      Also I love the Hybrid of Seymour Duncan JB/Distotion and the three Seymour Duncan Hot Rails.

      From Dimarzio the only that likes me are the X2N and the Fast Track.

    • Bojomojo Jones

      My favorite bridge pickup is the Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck model.  I use Seymour Duncan Jazz in the neck.  The Jazz Is Okay. However, I'm looking for another neck humbucker to replace it.

    • Amaan S


      Pickups, i've been fan of 'seymour duncan' and i'm not biased towards passive pickup ....for Drop C# in my ESP Eclipse II i use Seymour Duncan Black outs (bridge and neck)

      and in my Other guitar same Drop C# i'm using Seymour Duncan JB and '59  

      I find mahogany to be very versatile its great with either active or passive where as my other guitar is made from paulownia (wood) and it hates active pickups



    • Graycloud

      Being that I'm not a fan of EMGs has anyone ever changed out the pickups EC1000? mine came with EMGs and I think I might change them out, The reason is clean tones. Any ideas?

    • vipprimo

      I wish I could answer this question.  

    • vipprimo

      I keep hearing people say DiMarzio and I personally like the EMGs every time I use them in active form.  I don't have much history with Seymour Duncan though so it's a tough call for me.

    • Syahjohn

      Seymour duncan dave mustain live wire active pickup on my Ltd EC 401.