• Robert B.

    ESP LTD XTone PC-2 vs PC-1

    I am new to the forum and just recently started playing after a two decade hiatus.  I'm interested in getting a LTD XTone PC-2 or 1, but don't know what differences there are between the two.  I do know the the 2 had a set neck and the 1 has a bolt on.  Other than that, what differences are there?  I can get either for about the same price, so that isn't an issue.  Any help is appreciated.

    • jt76

      same guitar except - pc 1v is a single cutaway pc2v is a double cutaway - they have seymour duncan pickups but the bigsby is kind of a pain, its hard to string and thows things out of tune a little when you use it.  Its a great sounding and playing guitar,  I just don't use the bigsby.  they are both set neck

      the ps series is the cheaper version with a hard tail.  It has ltd pickups.    Its a good guitar, but not nearly as nice as the pc series.  It would probably sound a lot better if the pickups were upgrades.  these are bolt on neck. 

      edit - i just had a look and they are now making a pc2 ( non v) that is a set neck and has a hard tail.  this guitar has the duncans and no bigsby.   That would be my recomendation unless you really need the bigsby for some reason.