• Kritpit

    LTD quality problem

    Has anyone else had any quality problems with their guitars? My girlfriend bought me an EX-360 in 2011 right after that whole tsunami business and I think that screwed with the quality. The guitar was on back order for a month and when she gave it to me the finish had overspray on the fingerboard and a few blemishes near the headstock on the back of the neck. A month after getting it. The guitar slid off of a chair onto a carpeted floor and the finish came off of the back corner near the control cavity. The setup job was also sub par some of the frets had to be filed and the truss rod readjusted upon arrival. I never complained to ESP about it because the guitar sounds great and I have built guitars in the past so I was able to fix these problems pretty easily. (With the exception of the finish. I haven't had the time nor desire to take on that task.) I love ESP guitars and have purchased from them before this incident and after. This just seemed so out of character for them. I never played an ESP that I haven't liked but this EX simply doesn't live up to my other LTD models. I am going to blame it on the tsunami. Has anyone else had any problems with their LTDs from this time frame (spring 2011)?


    • jt76

      I got an ltd bass about that time period with a bad truss rod, took it back to the dealer,  they send the neck back to ESP and Got me a Replacement,  Took about two weeks, No trouble, no questions asked,  the new neck is great.   I have never had any other manufacturing issuses with an ESP or LTD. 

      As far as setup goes, that is up to the store you purchased from,  the dealers tech should adjust the truss rod, and intonate the guitar,  some will file frets for you.  All this gets messed up when a guitar gets shipped a long distance and goes through different humdity and temperature conditions.   It could leave the factory in perfect condition and be almost unplayable by the time it reaches a store, depending on how long it spent in transit and what conditions it experienced. 

      as far as finish details,  you get what you pay for.  LTD's used to all be made in Korea,  the finish quality was good, now the lower priced models are made in china, indonesia and vietnam where production costs are lower.   The quality control at these plants is not as good,  so you are more likley to get some minor issuse from time to time.  Not to say they are bad guitars, in fact I own a made in Vietnam ltd ec 256 that I like just as much as my ESP standards for playabilty,  but hardware and finish quality is just not in the same ballpark.   



    • Jan J.

      I have an ex-360 that was built in 2011 and I can't complain about much. I mean there are a couple of blemishes on the finish but rather very small things. The only problem is a small piece by the neck/strap button where ther is a small dot (4mm long and 2mm wide) where there is no black paint and also around the 5 fret where the gloss meets the natural wood of the fretbourd it looks as if the gloss coat was peeling off (it looks just like foil on a phone screen after air and dust got under it). But that said it only looks weird but is not really peeling off. So I can't say that mine was perfect but to be honest nothing that would be any sort of problem. 

    • Dann Feltrin

      I have a EX-360 from 2012, and it was made in INDONESIA, not Korea. it's great! The only thing that appears to me is the impression of they made it, and after finished, they changed the nut! But it's only that.

    • Eet Fuk

      I have an MH-100QMNT, built in 2010. The guitar is really okay - apart from a few mistakes made, when finishing it, but they can be bareley seen by the naked eye from an average distance. There is no problam at all with the playability, the frets and hardware are really okay, the neck and the body too. A few electric touches had to be made because of slight noises, but they were almost nothing at all. I am the 3rd owner of this guitar, and I do not mind a single dime spent on it. 

    • Sergio S.

      It might be because the guitar is 3 years, it should still be top notch, but readjusted, not sure about the finish, its probably badly done