• Johnacanrana

    Viper 401 Bridge-need help ASAP!!

    I have a Viper 401, and a repair guy for a certain big chain store set the guitar up...only he did a pretty bad job at it. So bad he actually had the saddles pointed like so:

    /\(E) V(A) /\(D) V(G) /\(B) V(e)

    Each arrow represents the direction the notch on the saddles were pointing. I hope that makes sense instead of just a bunch of V's. Anyway, I took the saddles out to try to set them to how they're supposed to go, and noticed I broke the retaining E clips that hold the screws. I'm having a Hell of a time finding any information on new retainers, the hardware stores near me don't carry anything that small, I don't know the measurements of the screws themselves, and I can't seem to find a bridge that fits. The one I have on it is the Sung-Il bm-003. Does anybody know where I can find the retainer clips, or a new bridge (whether that's another Sung-Il, one for Epiphone, Gibson, Dean, whatever)? This is the only guitar I have now.

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