• Michael W.

    New To ESP

    Hope this is a simple question to answer.  The thin U-Shaped profile on ESP guitars, are they thinner than the Ibanez Wizard necks?  That is the only popular neck I know to compare it to.  I have physical disabilites and have found the most comfortable neck for me is a thin D Shape neck that I can only find on Dean Guitars.  I also have another Dean with a Modern C profile that is not bad, but near as good as the D Shape.  There are several LTD Guitars which I love the price and the specs of, but the neck is deal breaker for me.  I had a real nice Ibanez Artist 500 EMG, Les Paul Body Style, that sounded great and was well built; but the neck was like baseball bat.  It didn't have a Wizard neck though.

    • jt76

      The thinnest esp neck I have experienced are actually Ltd's,  The early model m200 and h200 and ec200 from 1995,1996, and 1997 are the thinnest esp necks I have experienced.  They are mii and horizon and eclipse body shapes and will be marked LTD on the fret board.   They can be picked up cheap in the used marked,  the later models are made in korea, and It is said that they early models were made in japan, but I have no proof of this.  either way the quality is there.  The early ones have very good quality esp pickups and the later ones have duncan design pickups that I would recomend replacing.  they are similar in size and shape to the really comfortable 80's wizard necks but with a bit more radius on the fret board.  they have medium size frets.   I would not call them a true U shape or C shape, its in between the two but very thin and comfortable.   If you order any modern ESP or LTD with a thin U shaped profile it will be thicker than a wizard neck.  hope that helps 

    • Clerity

      I haven't played many of the older Ibanez wizard necks, but their wizard III necks are noticably thinner than the Ltd thin necks. I have only played two Deans in my life A Dimebag, not sure which model, and I think an entry level Vendetta. The Dimebag felt much bigger than my Ltd, and the Vendetta was very similar to my Ltd. I would also just like to ask if you had a place to try out an esp, there is nothing better than feeling a neck than taking a strangers word.