• Peter K.

    LTD M401

    LTD M401 2009 Indonesia 

    This was my first acquaintance with the company's products) Just great guitar, very comfortable to play, Inexpensive hardware work properly for 5 years and I think that will last a long time! Very good build-quality. Sound is pretty cool, I think at this price at the time there was nothing better 

    • Travis L.

      Almost bought this guitar when it was the "M-400" lol but I decided to get the EX-400 instead.... The EX-400 was my first ESP guitar! After that I knew esp was the shit! It still sounds amazing till this day 8 years later 

    • Nic

      Only thing bothering me about the lower tier ltds, is the floyd special. It just feels flimsy to me and wears out quickly. If you ever feel the need to replace it, buy a Schaller Lockmeister, better/the same as an original Floyd at half the price.

      • Peter K.

        I was surprised that this special FR is working for a 5 years pretty well except a tremolo-bar, but I changed this and continued use this trem! I heard about Schaller LM, when the time comes - I'll set up it)