• george brown

    ec-256 different

    Ok.. i just bought 2 ec-256s in Dec.  One was due to be a gift but i ended up keeping both.  I wanted to trade one of them for a different guitar.  However, they are different..  though identical models.. and not just the finish.  One is significantly heavier in the body and has a much chunkier neck..  this is my first electic guitar purchase and i am not quite yet in tune with the community.  I want to know, with the higher level ltd's having full bodies, is this more sought after for tone? Why are the more costly varieties heavier? To be more like a gibson maybe?

    Also.. i was looking to trade one of them.  A 2006 ltd m200fm.  Researching this guitar i noticed the current m100 was the same guitar.. am i wrong? What is the dif in these model numbers? From my understandin the m200 in 2006 was more expensive than the current m100 with same specs.. i would think this would be the oppisite due to current value of the $$.

      Any feedback on the trade? Which one should i give up? And any comments about consistency of the ec 256 line would be appreciated.   My hope is the heaver 256 is a higher quality instrament.   



    • george brown

      Have tried to upload images but its not working or user error...not sure.  Using an android device.. let me know if they are there.. but i cant see them.

    • Carl N.

      The M-200 from 2006 had a neck thru construction, Floyd licensed low profile bridge, arrow inlays, and LH-300 pickups....as compared to the M-100 which is bolt on, Floyd special bridge, dot inlays, and LH-150 pickups.

      As for your Ec-256; They are most likely made in Vietnam or China where their tolerances for consistency is lower than if you were buying an actual ESP instrument made in Japan.  The heaviness of wood is due to the fact that not all pieces of wood are the same, you'll never buy two identical guitars...ever.

    • jt76

      I have two 256's  one is heavy, one is light.  The heavy one is constructed better, but the light one sounds better.  I would set your amp to a clean tone and play one note, pick something half way up the neck near the 12th fret or so,  see which one sustains longer,  keep that one.  Then buy some decent pickups for it.   Personally if it were me i would keep both, they are rediculously nice guitars for the price.   I would put a set of 60neck 81bridge emg's in one of them and a set of sh2 (jazz) neck sh5(custom) seymour duncans in the other,  you would be set up for just about anything.  However  my personal pickup choice is a 85 neck /81 bridge emg set and a sh4 jb bridge pickup in neck and sh5 custom bridge seymour duncan set,  these sets give a little more push and definition in the neck position at the loss of some bass and mids.  

    • george brown

      Thanks for the help guys!

    • Reigns

      Hope this post can still get through. Just joined. (watching Lamb of god, guitarist plays ESP, so it reminded me)

      I am enquiring where LTD guitars are made, I mean the exact address? I'm in vietnam and wanted to find them so I can get a different style of paint etc. THe EC-256 in particular. The design aspect is awesome - belly cut (rare on many LP style guitars) extra cutaway for better fret access, the standard pickups are quite good, great all round tone etc etc 

      Anyway, rock on to all and all the best