• Chris D.

    Floyd Rose Issues

    So I'm having some major Floyd issues. I have an LTD MH-350FR which comes with a Floyd Rose Special bridge. After a few years of hard playing I've replaced all the saddles, set screws, and the locking nut with the real Schaller parts(the stock metal parts just stripped and broke too easily), but I've managed to strip the spring adjustment screws in the back of the guitar. Can anyone tell me how to get them out, or about a product to set the spring tension without them? I've heard good things about the hipshot tremsetter and the tremolno, but I don't know if these could solve my problem.


    • Pushead

      Geez man, how hard are you on this thing?  Are you talking the trem claw?  The part in the cavity that holds the claw into the body of the guitar?

      If you're at a point where they're pulling out of the body, the quick and easy fix is to pull the screws, glue a few toothpicks all the way into the holes, and re-insert the screws.  Use wood glue and give it a full day to dry before putting the screws back in.

    • RZK

      I have a few beater LTDs with that bridge, never stripped anything on it...


      If you stripped the screw heads, you can try to get them out with pliers, if that doesn't work, drill them out.



    • jt76

      Take the strings off or at least make them very loose.  Pull the springs off if possible.  then try to unscrew the tension screws by turning them with pliers.  if that does not work you can get stripped screw extractors at a hardware store, that should pull them out.    In the future make shure you use a screw driver that fits the screw well and don't adjust them when they are under full tension.  

    • Tondog

      Fuck all that noise and upgrade!



    • Derrick C.

      Stripped screws can be removed with placing a rubber band on top of them and unscrewing them as usual. Good luck.