• prsnstrat

    Help, need trem bar for ST-203!

    Hi, new to this forum but not to the ESP world. However, I picked up one of these used and it doesn't have a trem bar. Anyone know what replacement they use?  No luck getting in touch with ESP support via their contact page.  Thanks in advance.  -B

    • jt76

      probably a typical import strat trem bar.    There are typically two size screw in bars, a import size and and american fender size,  I would guess these use the import size.    Although they could be something unique to LTD but they are probably not.   The bars should cost $10- $20 range.Take the guitar to the store and ask to try one before you buy it.    If a standard off the shelf replacement doesn't work get your local ESP dealer to contact ESP and see if you can order a replacement.  


    • Rami A.

      I would also need tremolo bar for ST-213, bought b-stock(cheap, no complaints about that) and it came without bar. Have one general model which I installed but it's little bit too high so would like to get original which is lower.

      Any info where you can buy those? 

    • Curtis C.

      I am not surprised you haven't heard back from support via their contact page. I need warranty attention and after about 3 weeks, I have not received a response. I don't care how great their guitars are supposed to be; without customer service, that means NOTHING. There are too many other guitars to choose from.