• Chetos

    M200 pickup question

    I have been messing with my amp (peavey classic 30) and petals (boss od and digitech metal master). It sounds great on the neck pickup and both. With the bridge it sounds very tinny. I have messed with the treble and high settings for each equipment but still sounds that way.

    I am using 10g d'addario strings. Could this be just the pickup? It has been adjusted. If so, can anyone recommend a decent set? Thanks.

    • JSHRED

      Most people here could recommend a hundred good pickup replacements for you.

      However, you should be warned that you might be chasing after the wrong thing. Even a cheap bridge humbucker in a super cheap guitar will still sound OK with the right amp or distortion. I mean, on a clean channel a bridge humbucker is going to sound a bit nasal and almost too bright, but if you run from your guitar to your metal master to the clean channel on your amp, with all knobs up on your guitar, it should at least sound decent. If it still sounds "wrong," (and I don't just mean bad, I mean wrong) then there could be something to address. I mean, yeah, your pickup could be bad, but there could be something else too.

      If you have access to other guitars or other amps, you may want to isolate the problem. Plug your guitar into somebody else's amp on the distortion channel and see if it's any better for you. Or, plug somebody else's guitar into your rig and see if things are any different. If you truly do isolate the problem to your guitar, it could be your pickups, but your wiring could be hosed too. Or you have a shielding / grounding issue.

      So I don't totally leave you hanging, if you WERE to get the overpowering urge to upgrade your bridge pup, a Duncan Distortion Trembucker will never disappoint you.

    • Chetos

      Thanks so much for your response. It does help.

    • jt76

      +1 on the duncan distortion trembucker
      it is realy heavy distorted but sounds very nice clean. It is very full sounding for a bridge pickup without getting muddy. They sell this pickup by it self or as a pair with a standard spaced duncan distortion for the neck. A pair of these sounds really good in a locking trem guitar. They are good form most music stlyes and and work well with most amps and pedals.

      Before you switch pickups, a bridge pickup in a locking trem guitar is alway fairly bright. Adjusting the height of the pickup can make a lot of difference. You can make the pickup have more bass by raising the end near low e closer to the strings.
      and or by moving the end near high e away from the strings. If it is a traditional style pickup and there are poles on the pickups that have a flat cut out of them you can use a scewdriver to raise and lower the poles and adjust the volume of each string indivdually. The closer you are to a string the more volume you get but the stronger the magnetic pull on the strings is. As the pickup gets closer your sustain will be shorter. To close and it can actually start changing the pitch. don't worry you can always go back to where you started. also be careful and never lower
      the pickup below top of the pickup mounting ring. The adjustment screw holds the pickup on the ring. if you unscrew it to far (lowering) it may come loose. If that should happen Its easy to fix, but can take some time.

    • jt76

      "Could this be just the pickup? It has been adjusted"

      sorry just re read your original post and see that you aready tried adjusting it.