• lion2

    Headstock broke on my KH202 is it worth repairing?

    Is it worth repairing the headstock on my KH202 or should I try to find a new neck?

    Attached is a photo of the damage.

    • Pushead

      Realistically, it's a pretty easy fix. If you have access to a few small clamps and/or tight rubber bands and some wood glue you could probably do it yourself. I guess that depends on your comfort level.

      Unless I'm being misled by the photo, it looks like the lamination between the neck wood and the ear gave away. Even if you have it done somewhere I don't think it would be very expensive.

    • mihnea

      Last time I checked ebay for a KH neck, there was an LTD KH-202 neck for like $70 or so... might be cheaper to just swap it for a healthy one :)

    • Niklas L.

      You do realize you're not really supposed to use it as an "axe", right?

    • Sixstringhotshot

      I agree with Pus...looks like an easy fix with minimal tools/knowledge. Glue it and clamp it.

    • Tondog

      To do this properly ala the famous EET FUK guitar head....you will need to do the following.

      Wood glue will simply not hold that since it sheared in line with the grain. What you'll want to do is get some course thread brass screws that will bridge through the crack for at least 1/4" or so. Use some rubber bands, clamps, whatever to Gorilla glue the joint back together taking care not to have any excess glue gush out and look shitty. If this happens, a little naptha before it dries will clean it up. After it's all dry and set up, leave your clamps of choice on there and drill some pilot holes with sufficient counter-sink so that you can cover them. Drill your pilot holes and clean the residue out. Hand turn your brass screws in until they bottom out. Fill in remaining hole with some wood filler material and refinish the spot.

      If some one can still see the spot where you fixed it....kick them in the nuts until they tell you otherwise.

      • Gfunk

        As stated previously, that does look like a clean break and should be a fairly easy repair, but I am not so sure Gorilla glue would be the best adhesive for this application. That stuff expands so much I would be scared it would bubble out overnight and be a pain removing the excess after it is set up. Ask Pharaoh what he uses for his repairs. He da man.

    • Mr.Dahl

      the headstock on my guitarteachers guitar (when I had one) broke a hell of a years ago right off and he fixed it with some badass glue and clamps!

    • shathe

      use wood glue, NOT polyurethane glue (e.g., gorilla glue).
      ...and then mail it to me.

    • Tom.Ashworth

      It's an old thread but my ESP KH had a meeting with the floor. It came of just like that. Now if you look you can just make out a small line. looks more like a scratch. Take it to a luthier if you aren't confident. Mine said it was so simple he didnt need to charge.