• jimmy2x2x

    My first LTD

    Evening all,

    I used to play a bit of guitar about 25 years ago and had an accident, mashing up my left hand a bit and not played since. Recently I was given an epiphone les paul 100 and I have the bug again ;)

    I bought a vypyr 75 amp for an excellent price, listed in the wrong section on ebay


    Dont think I could have done much better for the price

    Then I wanted a better guitar, after searching around for something I would enjoy I decided on the ec 1000t

    And this is where I think I may have made a mistake, due to being unfamiliar with the ltd range I thought ec1000t would be the ec1000t/ctm

    This is what I have bought (shipping at the moment)


    Does the abalone purfling makes this axe look like grandmas necklace?

    Is the EMG SPC control a worthwhile addition?

    Does the guitar have an aftermarket nut (42mm everite Standard Nut)

    Its a bit early to have buyers remorse, but I have a bad feeling about this ;(