• morphius1

    Getting Rosewood fretboards darker

    I read something a while back on here about using "guitar honey" or something, but I was wondering if that was the way to get rosewood's darker (close to ebony maybe) and also where to get it in the UK

    Thanks for any help

    • emg32

      There are dyes that you can use to darken a rosewood fretboard. I know online places like Stewmac carry some dyes like that.

      There have been some members here that have done it so maybe they will respond. I know it is best to keep the dye off of the inlays as much as possible so to not discolor them also.

    • morphius1

      there's only a XI (if that's 12) on the 12th fret so it wouldnt be hard i guess :) thanks anyway

      I just read about "Fiebings Edge Dye" aparently its great for "ebonising" rosewoods, so if anyone knows where I can find some in the UK then please let me know :D

    • Dilzdo21

      guitar honey is good tho