Ibanez vs LTD

Juan David
im hopping to buy a new guitar this month, i have been looking around and right now im betwen and LTD deluxe M-1000 and an Ibanez Prestige RG2550Z, they both go for the same price and are very similar guitars. Any recomendation or advices?? i really dont know wich one should i buy and would like to hear others opinion.

We had a little guitarmaggedon at a drummer's house a week weeks ago. My MH400NT sounded so much better than my competitor's RG400 or 500 something, he openly admitted it. He is still a diehard Ibanez fan and now has a RG1570, which I personally think is still inferior to my 400. But, next match up, we shall see.


ibanez has qc that is horrible they need fired i have seen too many ibanez guitars in the 600 plus range with fret ends you could do surgery with and frets so unlevel a dirt road would be considered smooth if a guitar cost a few hundred shy of a grand this should not be some thing ignored it is not just the random guitar either i sent back 4 iron labels 1st generation because of this and screw heads that were stripped and crooked  like they were installed with an impact gun the first one came with one of the direct mount pickup screws slammed straight through the guitars body it was a s model  iron label the frets were also sharp and all uneven  the 2 and and 3rd were the same on the frets razor blades and stripped screws mounting the pickups the 4th one was the 2nd and last one i will get until this problem is improved the 1st ibanes was a 1997 or 1998 rg  570 that is well made and still looks like new  now every ltd cheapie i haved played has had good fret jobs i mean 300 dollars i do not know about any thing under that i had a viper 200fm which was great the only problem  have with there lower lines are the use of agathis wood which should never be used as a tone wood if they would stop this there entry models would be one of the best a new guitar player could get right know i have a esp eclipse in vintage black and a ltd eclipse deluxe in vintage black you cant go wrong with ltds especially the deluxe models if you want a ibanez make sure you can play and examine it i would personally not order one online i think ibanez messed up when they shipped out to be made in other countries i have had good korean made guitars newer bc rich mocking birds st and stq  ltd 1000 deluxe  ltd f 400fm one of the best i ever played and discontinued for some reason   dean dave mustaine v with fear graphics all great well made guitars the 400 f fm is one i cannot figure out why they stopped production on  it is not a deluxe but should have been because mine is as good as my 1000 from frets to finish and cost more new than my eclipse 1000 did i paid 1000 dollars for it new many years ago when it fist came out i paid 800 for my eclipse about 4 years ago and a little more for vintage black like a extra 25 or 50 cant remember i have 3 gibsons a 50 tribute gold top the dicontiued one not the newer one and a signature the discontinued one not the new one with mini switch its ebony with gold  and a custom alpine white with gold they are  flawless but many people have been talking about there qc and they should be ashamed for it i have personally seen myself gibsons with crooked pickup rings and and tuners defects with finishes not just on there lower models under 1200 people have been talking about qc control on there higher models as well no matter what you get if it has problems send it back if you keep it the problem will never stop these companies will see this as acceptable and never fix this problem 

The tC Hunter

I just bought a used ibanez that was in pretty rough shape. it seems that the paint sucks pretty bad. it is a 5-piece neckthru. so i just sanded off all the paint... looks pretty sweet now

Joe Widdly

I've recently had the same experience with Ibanez.

Got a JS140 that had fret buzz and iffy finish. Replaced it with an EGEN8. Heavy fret buzz between 12-24 6th string. The laminate also wasn't glued down properly. Gold hardware tarnished. Replaced it with another, laminate had two chips and the hardware was tarnished again. Replaced it with an MH-327 which I got for like £400... Arriving tomorrow...


Not to bash Ibbys because I love the way they look and I was disappointed because I wanted to like them.

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