Looking for a wider/thicker neck

I bought my first LTD (EC200QM) 6 months ago and I really like it. I am looking to buy another ESP/LTD but am I wondering what models have a wider and thicker neck. The EC200QM is ok but I have really large hands and a thicker/wider neck would feel better. Some times it feels like I am trying to fret a pencil. Without going custom what models would fit this......if any... theDogger

Most LTD series have the Thin U necks. You could look for a normal/standard sized U shape, I suppose. Not sure what the official neck names/gauges are.


Ibanez RG's Wizard II necks are both wider and thicker, and have a more flat fret contour than my MH. IDk if you are interested at all in Ibanez, but just for reference. Most of the LTD models I've played have a similar neck shape. Just the nature of the beast. I suggest going to a music store and try out a bunch of different brands and see what you like. I'd at least give an Ibanez RG a shot....I personally like my LTD better and I have large hands.

For ibanez reference...and their wizard necks...

Wizard (1):
Thickness @ 1st - 17mm
Thickness @ 12th - 20mm
Width @ nut - 43mm (just over 1 11/16")
Width @ last fret - 58mm
Radius - 430mm (about 17")

Wizard 2:
Thickness @ 1st - 19mm
Thickness @ 12th - 21mm
Width @ nut - 43mm (just over 1 11/16")
Width @ last fret - 58mm
Radius - 400mm (about 16")


The M series have a wider neck. The nut width of the the EC is 42mm vs 43mm on an M series guitar. The only thing wider than that is some of the George Lynch sigs and the Will Adler sig at 45mm.

Go to the guitar section and look at the nut width and neck contour to get an idea how each is constucted and base your decision from that info compared to what you have already (with the EC), if you can't go try them out.


Yup, if you want an ESP model with a wide neck, go check out Lynch models. Its possible the LTD Lynch's have similar profiles too, not sure though.


Or the Wa-600. Big old neck on that one.


Or the Wa-600. Big old neck on that one.

I've got a wa600 and it is a significantly larger neck than the viper I had. Pretty flat as well. Plays great.

Curt Daddy

def. WA-600 didn't think i'd like that one till I played it.


Yeah, the Mirages/Ms definitely have wider necks. Your other options are potbellys, Dave Mustaine models, and V standards. Definitely try playing them before you buy, though. Neck shape is almost the most important thing in a guitar as far as I'm concerned...


If you want a wide neck, definitely get the Willie sig.


the ninja has a bigger neck

sebastian s.

if u want a nice thick neck you should try out esp navigator! it has a thick u neck profile, and it feels realy good:-) https://espguitars.co.jp/product/5878/ but its hard to get and it costs 4k  :-(

if you have 1k-2k to spend than i would go for the ltd as-1 it has the u neck profile (https://www.espguitars.com/products/9320-as-1fm-lb

if you want a Esp the e-ii eclipse bb alwso feels realy good and the neck feels pretty thick too! (https://www.espguitars.com/products/17182-e-ii-eclipse-bb-blks)


sebastian s.

The ltd as-1 has a thicker neck and body. And it includes a hard shell case!!!!!!!!!


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