PICS! EC-1000 STB & STG (56k beware)

PICS!  EC-1000 STB & STG (56k beware)

Dont be a bitch.


yeah i chose the name because i have to tell people that all the time


i wish they would release a vintage white ltd ec-1000


nice to see real black hardware...


I think you're all on crack! Green > Blue

Bridge The Void

Hah, same Eclipse as me...nice ;)

I don't like LTD Elcipses, because:

-They have 24 frets
-The ones with 22 frets don't have EMG's

I know its a matter of aftermarket modifications, but ever since I bought my Eclipse and everything was already as I like it, I've gotten lazy :p


Well - I must say that the LTD came setup from the Factory much better than the ESP. I'm not saying that this is always the case but I think that people over value the origin of manufacture. There are many people who will only buy American made guitars. Do you see some of the dopes that we have walking around the USA? If you don't believe me just go to Walmart and look around.

Anyway - after I setup both guitars with same action and tuning I would say that the Eclipse sounds better through high gain. The LTD has a nicer clean tone. I (like most others) do not like the Abalone too much. To me it is equal to getting a car with that fake wood trim inside. It just cheapens the look and makes it look cheesy.

I honestly don't think that there should be a $500 difference between both guitars. I just don't see it, feel it or hear it. Sure, it's nice to have ESP at the end of your headstock instead of LTD but not "$500" nice.

It would be nice to see what other people think on this.

Sorry for the long post.

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