• Imperial Greg

    Question about my LTD EC-500's hardwear

    So, I got it early 2007, new off a store on ebay. Loved it right away. but didnt touch it. set it up, kept it show ready, jammed on it twice. played one live show with it... and havent touched it since... i cleaned it after the jams, and show...

    the nickle plated hardwear is all coroded (or how ever you spell it) i thought it was dirty, maybe i could clean it. tried all kinds of metal cleaners. nothing. i thought it was sweat, or dirt or something. but its not coming off... i dunno, i've been playing guitar for like 15 years. never had any problems with that with any other guitars. or my other esp's

    anyone else have this problem? any ideas?

    • MV-CTM

      cosmo black and gold hardware corrode

    • Miek

      Sperzels are finished differently than bridges and other hardware, or so I've heard.

    • nwright

      I've seen that black chrome shit looking hardware in stores and it looks corroded or cloudy on guitars just hanging on the wall. I think it's just not made well and cheap. And I'm not just talking LTD's, just that hardware on any guitar I've seen. I've actually yet to see any at a store that ISN'T showing signs of aging already.

      • Imperial Greg

        actually yet to see any at a store that ISN'T showing signs of aging already.

        really? interesting. yeah i dunno, i've never had that with any guitar ever. and ive had tons of esps and ltds. Im gonna try to replace all the parts with chrome, or black. i just dont think black on black would look too good. i might try to replace one of the pieces with nickle and if it gets all ugly again, then ill do the chrome or black...

        i just cant find any parts site that have the parts all in the same finish...

    • nwright

      I was surprised to say the least. There's a Sam Ash here in Indy and everytime I go there and see an LTD with the black chrome hardware, it has a cloudy or tarnished look to it.

      I've noticed it on a couple Ibanez's, too...The black chrome on those look a little different I think (I don't know much about Ibanez's), but the change is still there.

      • Pharaoh

        welcome to the world of shitty environmental bull. This black nickel crap was as close to black as ESP or any company can use now until they find a way to black-plate things within ROHS standards so the next time a tree-hugger's baby swallows a fucking volume knob, he doesn't die or need treatment for stupid shitbag parents that don't pay attention.

        Black nickel is very thing plating, just like gold. It wears fast and looks bad as it does so. It's not the guitar company's fault.

        To whoever mentioned Sperzel, yes, it's done slightly differently. The powder-coated stuff is obvious, but I'm not sure what the catch is with them doing the gloosy black. Somehow they can...