• Colossus23

    MH400 question

    Is the binding on the bodies of the newer models white or natural? Secondly, how do the EMG 81's handle clean tones? Thinking about getting one for live playing, but never owned a geetar with actives pups before so, curious...

    • El Jefe

      i have an 07 mh400nt and it has white binding and black (not cosmo black) hardware, but i've seen some on ebay with white binding and cosmo black hardware.

      im not a huge fan of the 81, i swapped the 85 into the bridge and i think the 81 sucks in the neck, i want to try a 60 for the neck sometime. some guys wont live without the 81's tho, just not my cup of tea

    • Robotsatemygrandma

      Pick ups are a trial and error thing. How one person perceives an EMG 81 is different then the next guy.

    • MV-CTM

      mod said both the trem and NT model have white binding on the body

    • Colossus23

      Thanks guys! I currently play the MH250NT version with the EMG HZ4's, and a Schecter Damien 6 with those same HZ4's, and I have noticed the Schecter has a bit more low end responce which I attribute to the basswood body, but my MH250NT handles clean brilliently..... I am hoping the MH400NT would be able to cover both well, for both live playing and recording..... gonna get one. Plus I love the white binding on the bodies of the newer ones WAY more than the natural binding on the older ones.... just looks classier to me....