• jboy500

    EC-400vf fit and finish??????

    first post

    did any one here have fit and finish issues w/ their LTD guitars. my ec-400vf has 2 spots where the finish bleeds through the binding. i know this is a minor cosmetic issue but it pisses me off. guitar sounds awesome and plays great. i traded in a mh-250nt which also had minor finish issues in the binding and on the fret board. any one notice the same issues????? i guess i could exchange it if need be but every one brags about esp quality and how great it is.

    also to answer other posts out there, this guitar IS just as heavy and thick as a les paul, i have an 01 gold top so i know. still, i love the 400vf.


    • JeanPaul du Vinnie

      Nope, I only noticed a small brown spot on the binding and that's it... you're lucky you only got cosmetic damage, mine came with a defunct toggle switch and someone else on the boards had two ordered, both with faulty pickups.

    • Gfunk

      every one brags about esp quality and how great it is.

      ESP quality is great. LTD quality is purty good considering the price. If the cosmetic issues bother you to the extent that they seem, you should consider stepping up to an ESP.