Post your LTD's

I'll post mine up in a bit

2013 ltd heavy metal 2007  ESP Viper 2004 m-50 . Ltd hm is flipped.


My little collection of ltd !

Mark M.

EC-1000 Koa


Sweet!  I love Koa.

Mark M. wrote:

EC-1000 Koa


That looks amazing.  How thick is the KOA?  I mean is it a veneer, cap or solid KOA?


Mark M.

Veneer bro but still killer

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Stevie Strings

That looks way better than the one I saw in person at Motor City Guitars. The wood on the one I saw had almost no figuring.

That's a nice one.

Stevie Strings
Alright so its about time to retube my 6505+. Any suggestions? Also what are the tubes that glow blue? Those are nifty.


The tubes that glow blue are, Roberts Retro Valves. Sold by Jet City.

Kevin B.

2- EC-256FM's

up graded with Seymours Hot Rod Hums now

 still stock

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