Post your LTD's

I'll post mine up in a bit

Wow, that was a nice deal dude...

Ron Zombie

 2008 ESP Eclipse Aged Honeyburst, 2008 ESP Eclipse Vintage Black, LTD EC1000T, LTD Viper 1000, LTD V-1000

Nathan S.

Had to take an updated pic of the whole clan today. 6 - LTD'S, 2 - ESP'S, and a couple cheapos for good measure.


Here's my 2002 LTD V-100


Has the stock Duncan Designed pickups with white plastic covers.

Wiring is kinda funky, bridge pickup only through a killswitchwith no volume or tone, haven't yet ordered pots and a 3 way for it, but I am going to rewire it up normal.


left to right

row 1 - mid 90's ltd miii,mid 90's ltd mii, kh 502, mid 90's mii, ec256, ec256, mid 90's ec 200, viper deluxe, mid 90's ltd horizon, mid 90's ltd horizon

row 2  - mid 90's the mirage, mid 90's exp, AW7

row 3 - vintage 204, te 202

row 4 - ec jr, viper jr


Since this photo - sold the exp, added a green mid 90's horizon, a red mid 90's ec 200, a viper 256p, and an ec 200 qm

Nathan S.

I'm always impressed by your collection jt. Too bad you got rid of the EXP


I need to find an EXP...

Aaron M.

Brad F.

New to LTD.  Here is my EC 256


New to me EC-1000T, previous owner swapped out the pickups for Gibson 500T/496R which RIP!!!  still need to get used to the jumbo frets, but so far I'm loving it and it looks killer!!


Sweeeeet!  The 496R/500T set came stock in my Gibson LP Classic.  A lot of people whine and replace them with "tamer" pickups, but I really like them.  They certainly do rip.


Jon H.



Jon H.



Here are my ESPs, Edwards and LTDs:

Nathan S.

Nice collection AK!


Thank you

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