Post your LTD's

I'll post mine up in a bit
blistered earth

HEY KAMI hows the selling of the blackouts going


nice job on those axes man


Wow, you must have spent a lot of time and cabbage modding those LTDs. How do they play and sound?

Borked Bob

Like an LTD?


better than an epiphone..

Borked Bob

Still all those are Vietnam/China like Epiphones I think. Besides the SC it might be korean if it was made early enough

Josh in NY

Yes, I LOVE my ESP's, even if they ARE Korean or Chinese (The Carpenter was made in Jan. 2010!!!). While each has undergone a serious re-haul program, the green one has had the most spent on it so far for the finish job and the scalloped fingerboard. The Carpenter was close to $400 for the EMG 707TW's, the Afterburner, the Concentric (dual volume) and the 2 mini-toggle switches. I wired that all myself. The Kami 1-7 and the Hanneman 7 are actually vinyl skins that a good friend of mine made. The blood splatter one is a normal production skin of his, while the Kami 1 was a custom repro I had him make for me!!! The skins were about $70 each, the inlay sets for all were $20 each, and the time spent was well worth saving my musical tastes, desires and sanity! The green one has close to or over $1000 into it, and spent nothing on it as I traded a Hughes & Kettner 412 cab for it.

The pickup in the kami 1 is a temp fix until I get enough money to have the EMG's done in it (707TW's...) and the Blackouts in the Hanneman have NOT sold, and have gotten NO bites at all... Go figure, these are supposed to be the pickups everybody wants so damn badly... I am still looking to sell them, so if ANYONE SERIOUS is interested, PM me and we'll work something out. But the Hanneman is getting slated for the EMG 707's as well. all I will need is to have the bodies routed and I can install and wire them myself saving me s*#$ loads on labor costs - god I love being my own guitar tech!!!

And yes, they will blow ANY Epiphone out of the water. Just to give you all a head's up - I sold my Ibanez Universe (UV7BK blk & grn...) for the Green Kamikaze. Granted, the finish only came about within the last year and I've had the guitar over 5 years already...). "Green Meanie" as I call it has been THE BEST guitar I've ever owned!!! Simply put, ESP's are the ONLY guitars I will ever play from now on. Nothing can even come close!

Thanks everyone for the comments on my killer collection. Next planned pieces:
-ESP LTD H207, will leave it a surprise for when It's done, but will also have EMG's... Tuned C - C w/ low G
-ESP LTD FM-408/418 w/ maybe an EMG SPC control. Also have another surprise for that one as well for all to see when it's done!!! Tuned std B-E w/ low F#

Thanks again everyone, glad you all like them!!!

Josh in NJ

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Borked Bob

Why not just get a better guitar and dont waste $1000+ on mods? to make a cheaper guitar better


deliriumtrigger, that's a really nice bass ! If they made them with a 30 or 32" scale, I'd buy one ^^


trendkill, i'm an anarchist, like i give a fuck about flags. had an american flag bbq right after 9-11 cause they were more common than wood. burn the fucking things.
and your rising sun comment is equally stupid, considering a) it's a flag, i'll hate it on principle and b) i hope every military spends more time destroying each other only. like i give a fuck about a military base.
that said, if neo-nazis wanted to consider themselves rebels, would it be acceptable for them to use nazi imagery? fuck no! the sole difference is that confederates thought the people they hated made better slaves than being dead.
it's great that you're supporting whatever team is around you, but i can't help it if sports morons are total fucking idiots. half the baseball teams here use racist ass "indian" imagery that's equally ridiculous. being sports related doesn't change a DAMN thing.

that said, i got an ec-1000 ssb and it's an amazing guitar. i got an awesome deal on it and i bought it with the hopes to upgrade to an eclipse II in the near future, but i'm getting slightly less convinced that i need to make the change any time soon. it's getting equal footing with my m-i these days.
way better than my old ec 400 and half of the 1000s i've played. could just be that i lucked out with this particular guitar, but it plays even better than it looks.

blistered earth

lay off the fucking flag thing
its not a symbol of racism its a symbol of heritage
obvious troll is obvious
if your gonna bitch like a fag go do it somewhere else this thread is for posting photos of LTD model guitars

blistered earth

^ same
i played the burst finish of it at samash and lets just say i really want one of those
and an old 5 string F bass



"heritage" + "fag" = point proven.

blistered earth

whatever its not even MY heritage you dumbfuck but i allow people to belive what they wish and dont bitch about it as though theyre wrong
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i can't get enough of this. hilarious.

blistered earth

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go fuck your self you stupid piece of shit
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hilarious, but i'll pass.

blistered earth

^ 1
esp makes some of the most versitile yet "metal looking" basses


and so far, it's THE ONLY Kamikaze 4 7-string in the world,

It's not a Kami 4.

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