• Jason Morin


    Hello everyone, my name is Jason Morin (from Quebec,Canada).......and i am on a never ending Quest to find an affordable/Quality Fretless Bass.

    But not just any Bass, a Left Hand Fretless Bass !

    Here's is my question:

    Is this beautiful Bass available for left Handed bass player :



    Thank you any one who can provide me an answer.

    By the way, if anyone has that bass model, would it be possible to upload a video or Audio of how those bass pickups sounds like.


    Jason Morin

    • Jason Morin

      Ok nevermind, I got the answer from my Canadian distributor. This model is available in Left Hand.

    • Jason Morin

      As i was looking the ESP site 10 weeks ago i had the possibility to purchase a left handed Fretless version of this model:  B-204SM FL NS (left handed)

      So i went to my music store 8 weeks ago and made a deposit for this bass. My music store made the order from  intellimix (canada) and they told me that i would be getting it in 8 weeks...............

      Today (8 weeks later) i was told that this model which was available when i ordered it is now discontinued.

      IS THIS TRUE!! There are no longer any LEFT HANDED FRETLESS bass MADE BY YOU GUYS !!!

      It's a Nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!

      I would appreciate a reply

      Thank you

      Jason Morin