• Paul D.

    ESP LTD B-5JR ?

    Boring preamble: blah blah, medical, blah, short scale bass search. I stumbled upon mention of ESP LTD B-5JR, rumoured to be 28.6" scale (I have such a scale 4 string and really like it). Found a listing for one of these, says made in vietnam, serial number painted over or scratched out. Is this legit? I can find zero mention of short scale basses by ESP / LTD.

    • 6-String

      I think you are talking about our listings. We are an authorized ESP dealer located about 20 minutes from ESP in SoCal. The B-5 Jr bass guitars are ligit and made in Vietnam like you said. I scratched out the SN's on the photos not the guitars just because its more of a stock photo. We have a bunch of them and we didnt want to take photos of every one like we do on the higher end guitars. Small Stack B-5JR


      • Paul D.

        As a matter of fact it was your listing. I get it - they come in black, makes sense. And no I was not expecting this quick a reply.

        Pretty sure I want one, so I am going to email you.

        • Paul D.

          It arrived!

          Best 'entry level' bass I've had my hands on. If I had known about these, I would have bought the 4 string version of it instead of an Ibanez Mikro (which I gig with now because I can not use my ESP long scale). Seriously, any kid who gets one of these is probably going to think ESP when they decide to move up. So whoever dropped the ball on spreading the word on these, wake up!

          I'll do a better 'review' later. Yes it is 28.6" scale, pretty much playable out of the box.

    • Tomas T.


      is or will be the ESP LTD B-5JR available in Europe?

    • Paul D.

      Well this is what I'll have to do ...

      The horn and cutaway will have to be chopped and a piece of wood put in. First I'll have to find exactly where I want that horn strap button, using some sort of temporary attachment to find the best spot. Might have to reshape the headstock to save a little weight up there - that will be the scariest bit to do.

    • Robin S.

      Do adults actually play this thing, and is it compfortable????