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    EC 256FM CSB

    I want to buy EC 256FM CSB desperately, but it is not available in India. EC 256 is available only in aged 2 tone Burst. It is not even shipped internationally to India. Is there any way I can buy this model? 

    • Gisornator

      I checked the dealer page on this website and I foudn this Authorised ESP dealer in your country:

      BX Furtado
      Jer Mahal, Dhobitalao
      Mumbai, 400 002
      P: 91-22-662254

      I'm pretty sure that you can also go to your local music-dealer since most of them have ESP guitars for sale. If they don't have your desired model you can ask them if they can import it for you.

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        Thanks for the reply. I have contacted the authorised dealer. They have the model in aged 2 tone Burst. They don't have it with flame maple top CSB.
        I have also tried "Musician's friend" website. It says "This item doesn't currently ship to India." Same is the case with other websites like guitar center.

        I will ask the authorized dealer if he could import it.

    • Gisornator

      Update: I checked the authorized online dealer "Musician's Friend" and I searched for the exact model that you requested and they have it right there. They also ship to India. Unfortunately, I cannot post any links. Therefore, you have to google "Musician's Friend" yourself.

    • Shockers

      Bmusic in Australia mate