• Fearlessfreep


    So what instruments do you guys have?

    • Guitooorbenchi

      ESP Sho-Ryu-Ken
      ESP Haooomaru
      ESP Peacemaker
      LTD SCT-607b
      Gibson Flying V
      Fender Jim Root Telecaster
      Fender J Bass
      Ibanez Iceman
      Epiphone 339 Ultra
      Epiphone Thunderbird IV Goth
      Epiphone Firebird
      Grassroots Sho-Ryu-Ken
      Squier Affinity 5 Bass
      A Rogue 6 string Bass

    • -_-

      I have a esp sc500, ibanez sr 5 string, and soon either a ibanez m80m or spector euro 5. And prob a esp st 203 in the near future if I can find one with a maple fretboard. 

    • Hevykevy

      Ibanez Premium RG921 in Cobalt Blue Surge, Martin X-Series Dreadnought, and Washburn BT-2 that I got as a present from a buddy of mine. Thinking about getting a tele or bass next.

    • Fearlessfreep

      My ESP instruments are the MH-100QM and the B-206SM. They're built like rocks! 

    • Diogo M.

      ESP ltd EC-401OW(EMG 60 and 81)

      Shecter Blackjack SLS C1 FR-S(Seymour Duncan Full Shred SH-10 / Sustainiac)

    • Nicholas R.

      Squier Affinity Strat
      80's Charvel(have no idea which model I bought it used and the seller at the store didnt get any info on it)
      LTD V-300SW
      and an LTD AJ-1 coming

    • Seb G.

      - ESP Truckster

      - ESP KH-2

      - ESP Eclipse II Distressed

      - ESP M-1

      - LTD F-404

    • Travis L.

      ESP M-II Neck Thru Body

      ESP/LTD KH-603

      ESP/LTD Ex-400 (2006)

      that M-II ntb has the fastest neck ever!

    • jt76

      bunch of esp's, bunch of ltds, couple of xtones, a few ibanez, a few fenders, a dean, a jackson, an agile and some other stuff.

      esp - custom shop tele

      esp standards,  eclipse archtop, 90's horizon, vintage plus strat, 400 series tele, xj6, xj 12, b1 bass, the mirage

      ltds -aw7, viper deluxe, ec 256, mii, mii deluxe, miii, h200, ec200, kh502, ex 200, the mirage, te202, b204 bass

      xtone - pa1,  pc1v

      fender - powerhouse strat, mexican strat, showmaster strat,american deluxe jazz bass, mexcan fretless jazz bass

      ibanez- artist 2617, s570b

      jackson - dx10fs

      agile - 3100 

      dean - ml shadow signiture




    • Gisornator

      From ESP I only have the LTD F-350 but there are more to come ;-). The Mike Spreitzer Signature (LTD MS-1) is at the very top of my wishlist.

    • Wyvern Claw

      I have my two ESP's (Custom Shop Jeff Hanneman sig and a custom one-off)

      A BC Rich Draco (First production one with the spine inlay)

      A Jackson RR1 Nebula

      An Ibanez Jem7vwh

      A Carvin DC800

      An Ibanez SR3006e bass

      And my newest addition that just arrived a week ago, an Ibanez J. Custom RG8527z-BX

    • sitnonair

      3 ESP LTD EC 1000's, (Red, White, and Blue)

      1 Schecter Damien 6 FR,

      1 Custom Blackhurst Tigershark, (1 of 50 Built)

      1 Jackson Professional Fusion HH MIJ, (Very Rare)

    • Dann Feltrin

      I have 2 LTD EX: 50 and 360, both from Indonesia factory. It's very difficult to find another EX-50 from Indonesia, now they're all made in china.
      Also, I have one Schecter C-7 and one OLP Luke model.

    • Henrik M. Arnesen

      LTD M1000 Deluxe BLK Guitar
      and a
      LTD B55 Bass

      I envy all of you with plenty of guitars, Here in Norway guitars costs twice as much as in USA.

    • Adrian Arreola

      ESP LTD SC-200 Stephen Carpenter signature series - See-thru green (My main 6-string) - Drop C tuning

      ESP LTD SC-207 Stephen Carpenter signature series - Black (My main 7-string) - Drop A tuning

      ESP LTD H-338 - Satin black (8-string) - Drop E tuning

      Epiphone Les Paul 100 - Black & cream with EMG-HZ pickups (my first electric guitar ever) - Drop D tuning

      Ibanez GRX720 - Black with orange knobs (my first 7-string) - ADGCFAD - (Korn tuning)

      Squier Affinity Srat - White with rosewood(my only single-coil)- Standard tuning



    • RZK

      You said "ESP LTD" several times, yet you failed to list your Epiphone as a "Gibson Epiphone," or your Squier as a "Fender Squier."


      Is there a reason for this? Calling your LTD an ESP makes it an ESP no more than calling your Epiphone a Gibson makes it a Gibson.


      Why do people do that?



      Edit: This goes for all the assholes ITT who did that, not just you.

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