Help to identify ESP MII from the 80s

Danik B.

Hi to all guys, need your help. I found this guitar and I see that color was refreshed. But I want to make sure that body and guitar neck are original. 

Serial number 511236

Alder ??
Bridge type: Floyd Rose GOTOH GE1996T
H-H EMG ZW Set Limited Edition USA EMG 81\85 18V

Danik B.


Hi Danik, is there any chance we could see a few more photos of the guitar? Especially the full back, and a more straight-on photo of the front. Also, could you remove the truss-rod cover and take a photo of the cavity under the cover.

There are a few things here that concern me, especially the logo on the headstock, the shape of the headstock, the ESP 12th fret inlay and the neck joint.

Devin H.

This is my dream guitar

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