Wiring Differences ESP Horizon

Wiring Differences ESP Horizon

Hello Folks,


I got 2 horizons on my hands yesterday and i found out they look so different when it comes to their wiring so i would like to ask someone if knows what are the actual differences.

ESP Horizon 2009 Model Standard Series that has:

a) Changed the JB to Seymour Duncan Screamin’ Demon

b) Switch for each humbucker to split up/down/double coil

c) EMG After Burner (20db)

ESP Standard 2008

Front Side


ESP Horizon 2018 Model E-II Series that has:

a) Custom/Jazz set of humbuckers

b) Seymour duncan potensiometer to split em.

c) Kill switch Shadow at tone control

ESP Horizon E-II

Front Side

As you can see in the images there is significant differences between those.

As i know the 1st ESP (standard) had a custom wiring job done to it but the wiring looks so messy and so strange to me.

I would apriciate if anyone can explain to me a little bit whats going on.

Thanks in advance.


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