Help with dating this EX-50?

Help with dating this EX-50?

Hello everyone, I'm really happy to be a new member and owner of what I think is late 90's early 2000 ESP EX-50. I bought it today at the local pawn shop, plays amazing, but the pick ups need to be updated, can someone help me with dating it. Posting pics to help out. And thanks ahead for anyone who's helping, much appreciated. 


Blair S.

Looks like it's likely an '05.

Justin E.

thank you Blair for taking the time to send a reply and help date my guitar, ive come to love this guitar over my brand new Jackson Dinky, call it crazy but i think these guitars are made way better then todays standards,  and when it comes to playing Pantera, Metallica, Slayer, and any other metal bands music, its way better on this metal axe then your standard plain old Jackson Dinky, thanks agaim Blair.

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