ESP MII pickups

James B.

Hello, sorry if this is not the right place for this but I have a question about my ESP MII. 

I am long time guitar player - going on 40 years. Been through a lot of guitars and gear.

I love my MII except it is a little to bright. It has a floyd rose and is a maple fretboard which I understand can be brighter. Came with a JB which is generally my favorite. Was way trebly. Tried Custom 5 no go and right now have a Dimarzio Super Distortion which is the best so far. Still pretty shrill on the high strings. Any recommendations on pickups to reduce the treble and more depth? I use pro gear, marshalls, Soldano, Diezel, etc. 10 gauge strings. 

Anyone else experience this or have recommendations?



my charvel with a one-piece maple neck had a dimarzio tone zone way back when, which I disliked because it didn't have enough treble. it might be the ticket for the sound you're looking for, though.

James B.

Thanks. You know I had a charvel with the tone zone in it and did replace it with a JB cause it was too dark. That will be the next one I try. Thanks!

Logan W.


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