(Pics) Information on this eclipse and is it legit? 24 fret neck-thru FR

Ion Cannon

So I’m considering getting this guitar but can’t test it out first and the shipping is pricey. I’m wondering if it’s legit, what they sell for, and more info. 

I love my standard eclipse II. It plays amazingly but I much prefer neck-thru guitars. I’ve wanted one with a Floyd for some time and have come across this one with a Floyd that’s neck-thru. Also 24 frets as a nice bonus. Do these play similarly to my standard II? Is the neck profile and all the same?

The serial is messily printed and I’m wondering if it’s legit. I’m having trouble finding what it is specifically but I believe it’s an ma-300 ctm FR, but the esp logo on the headstock is different from the 300 ctm. What do these sell for?

How often do neck-thru Floyd eclipses come up for sale and are their the same range as this? It’d be nice to have one with the flag inlays. 

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help or can try! Much appreciated!




Yes, it's legit. The body is based on the mid to late 90s Eclipse body. Based on the serial number, it was made in the custom shop for the Japanese domestic market.

The sticker and the green strings are a shame.

Ion Cannon

Right? To make matters worse, those are new strings put on to sell the guitar with... I have asked that if I buy that I can approve of pics of the sticker being removed and the below. 

How often do neck-thru Floyd eclipses come up for sale and what are they worth? Do they play like an eclipse 2 standard?


I've never played one of these. Since it's a flat-topped guitar, I suspect the neck angle and tuning stability is pretty much same as any strat style guitar with a Floyd. I'd guess it plays more like a super strat than a Les Paul.

No idea on price, though I don't see many of these that pop up as neck-through. I found it on Reverb, I'm not sure the price is outrageous, that would be the max I'd pay in that condition for an uncommon guitar. The fact that it's coming from overseas (I assume you're from the US, but that may be wrong of me), might make it more difficult to swing a better deal.

Ion Cannon

The shipping at just south of $200 is a bit nuts. There’s another Floyd eclipse for sale for significantly less but it’s not neck-thru and is 22 fret (the latter being no big deal). I’m not sure which I should swing for. 

Oh, and are you taking the neck damage into account in your evaluation of the price? 


Yes, the damage too. If it was being sold in the US, I'd go lower. But buying from a Reverb seller that's international always jacks up the buying price. They include their own money exchange fees and such. So even though it's at $1500 with $200 of shipping, that's not what the buyer would get or has it listed for.

Ion Cannon

Thanks for the guidance! I really appreciate it. I put in an offer (as that shipping makes it rough), so hopefully I get it or start a negotiation. Wish me luck!


Oh, one more question: I haven’t seen neck damage like that before. The sellers says it’s from being played but that seems a little ridiculous. Does the binding look damaged to you? He says it’s only paint damage but I don’t know about that one. 


I get damage on the high E side (I've seen that from wedding rings) but not on the low E side. It may be that a previous owner liked to lean it on things and wasn't particularly gentle about it. It doesn't look like damage specifically to the binding, but I'll bet the clearcoat is pretty chipped.

Ion Cannon

That seems like a pretty smart deduction. Maybe I’ll take the time to refinish the neck in satin if it’s actually an issue beyond cosmetic. At the end of the day, that would be an upgrade. 

If you look at the better quality pics on the reverb listing, it looks like there is *something* going on with the neck binding. I don’t know if it’s paint scraped on to the binding or if there’s some “repair” that took place. The seller’s English isn’t fantastic, making this difficult. 

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