Oar Identification - ESP Horizon

Oar Identification - ESP Horizon

Hello gentelmens. I am asking You for a help to identify this guitar. On the neck is a signature of ESP Horizon. I don't know much about her exept that what I repaired and replaced.

I own and play on this oar from 14 years and I bought it here where I'm living in Poland. In the story instrument was overseas from USA to PL.

This guitar is amazing, every time I tried other instruments in shops they were to me just not good as mine and I am telling about guitars for even 2-2,5k bucks. 

My opinion could be subjective because I know my oar since 14 years  but...going back to the topic. 

Is it real ESP Horizon or a custom model builded by a luthier ?
How to identify pick ups ? (exept humbucker - I replaced it for Dimarzio Tone Zone F-spaced DP155)
How to identify the wood ?

The bridge is type floyd rose by Schaller but i have no idea what model is it.

My last question is aprox. How much this babe is worth ?


Sorry man, it's not a legit ESP. The headstock & body shapes don't match anything ESP makes and the logo is oversized and the wrong font.

Whatever the guitar may feel like, it shouldn't be sold as an ESP. I have no idea what it would be worth in the used market, but with a fake logo, I'd suspect not much.

Michal R.

Not much so You could tell aprox price ?


$100? I don't know. The pickup and the Schaller bridge are probably worth more than the rest of the guitar.

Michal R.

It's hurts man  I always thought she is worth fortune.

Yeah bridge and the pickup are worth around 150 bucks. I thought wood could cost more and this ESP signature... :( 

This is strange I always thought that I am playing on great guitar. Allright to be ohnest she is I cant fucking denied it brow. I hold lots of them and I had that feeling that none compare to mine. This money... ouch my hearth is just bleeding.


Looks like it's worth keeping, then.

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