Barn find ESP M-1 Custom


Finally found the right replacement for my '88 Horizon Custom that I bought new in '88 , I lovingly abused that guitar for 300+ gigs , 2 fret jobs and many scars , that guitar never let me down , I stupidly parted ways with it back in 2000 when Les Pauls became my main machines,  many other Super Strat shredder guitars came and went , nothing came close ,, till now ,, 24 fret ,Neck Thru Badass, just like my old Horizon , The finish is not my first choice, yet unique and I'll easily live with it ,this guitar is a Mutherf%$&#!, feels like home ,, , and will be lovingly abused 


1000 Pounds of Thrust Guitar

BEAUTIFUL!! This is an incredible find!


Wow that's amazing! Very nice spec! 

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